Have you seen Elissa?

Elissa is a Phoenician princess who, in 800 BC, fled the war that tore her kingdom of Tire in Lebanon. She braved the sea seeking for a place to take refuge. Her ship docked on African shores where she founded the city of Carthage (Qart Hadash meaning “new city”), today Tunis.

A civilization was born with the establishment of this refugee princess. Have you seen Elissa? is a collection that pays tribute to these extraordinary women who, by their will and their style, trouble ideas and clichés. The Tunisian collection was entirely made by Leila, a dressmaker. The ready-to-wear clothing line is made of silk, cotton and viscose. All these fabrics come from local textile shops.

The print: handmade serigraphy printing on silk. It represents the “eye idol”, an Assyrian divinity with big eyes. Found between Syria and Iraq in the form of amulets, which made archaeologists say that it would also have a link with fabrics and clothes.

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